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Agile Methodology
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  • Backend development

  • Data integration

  • Patent driven business logic

  • System integration

With many years experience behind us, we know that listening is the best for business. We hear what clients tell us and develop practical solutions based on their needs. Arrange a free consultation with us.

"BESK Kft. covers all the technological layers of software development: data management, business logic, API design and user interface development. Their ability to work and communicate clearly through the processes truly set them apart."
— Armin Keim - Product Owner AUDI AG

Our philosophy

With passion and teamwork,
we ensure our client's vision becomes a reality.

  • Creative

  • Transparent

  • Effective


Our story

BESK Kft. - based in Hungary, Budapest; operating in Ingolstadt, Germany - was founded in 2015 by Sven Koble (Ulassa GmbH & Co. KG) and Balázs Endrédi (ENDIcon GmbH).

It was a shared philosophy that brought the founders together. With a "measure twice, cut once" approach, Koble and Endrédi sought to service their customers with full transparency and effective software development. The founders aim was simple: to combine their expertise in agile software development, enterprise software architecture, and implementation.

At the core of BESK Kft.'s effectiveness is the team. With a firm belief in having different perspectives and skill sets, BESK Kft. has carefully and deliberately built an international team, with Germany and Hungary at the forefront. This global perspective is part of the fabric of BESK Kft..

Our process

  • Plan

    Analise & Plan

  • Check

    Customer Feedback & Monitoring

  • Act

    Identify Issues & Priorize

  • Do

    Build & Deliver Product Increment


  • 2015

    BESK Kft. was founded by Balázs Endrédi and Sven Koble

  • 10

    Working together as an international team in
    Budapest, Hungary;
    Ingolstadt, Germany;
    Ambato, Equador;
    Cuenca, Equador;

  • 5000

    Happy Clients - and counting

Our approach

Stay humble. Stay hungry.

Integrity, transparency, and great service are everything to us. We believe that you can continue sawing, while at the same time sharpening the saw. In other words, your business should continue to thrive, while we work on improving it simultaneously. BESK has a dedicated international team, which we firmly believe is at the core of our unique strategizing and problem-solving.

We believe deeply in the power of creativity and the unique role it plays in reimagining solutions for your business. Whether you're looking for IT solutions or trainings, we are focused on ensuring that BESK is the best option for your business.

We understand that our clients are a critical part of our success. This stems from our ideal of teamwork and our willingness to listen, develop strategies, and to execute plans.

Besk Kft. was founded in 2015, by its two founders:

Balázs Endrédi (Hungary)

Prior to BESK, Balázs is the CEO of ENDIcon GmbH, a software development firm. He's passionate about developing the vision of BESK's clients and he champions outside-the-box thinking within the company. His quest is helping business users adopt and maximize value out of BESK products. Like Sven, a passionate lecturer and educator, Balázs is eager to share his knowledge with others. Since 2009 he's been a lecturer at Ingolstadt University of Technology. Balázs is also an avid traveler, an outdoorsman, and marathon runner.

Sven Koble (Germany)

Sven works with Agile IT environments bridging the worlds of business and software development. His vision is to inspire and help others in positive ways so they can make a positive change in their life. His mission is creating innovative technology, specifically focused on user experience. His wide knowledge allowed him well-founded, long liaison with excellent German companies. A passionate educator, Sven is a lecturer in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan. Sven is also a philanthropist and works with organizations such as the Hope Corps. He loves to discover new destinations and cultures around the world and is high-spirited about doing triathlons.

  • Christoph Meurer

    Christoph works for BESK as a Quality and Requirements-Manager since 2017. He earned his degree in Business Administration at the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. He is responsible for the general Quality process of our Bespoke Softwares. He never misses an opportunity to perfect his skills in managing the interface between the Product Owner and our Developers. Creating internal requirements for JUnit tests, keep an eye on our Scrum Board and take care of other organizational matters. Outside the office, you will find Christoph cycling, around Altmühltal enjoying nature and the Alpine views. If he is not on his bike he is listening to some good tunes or playing the drums.
  • Christopher Timm

    After 2 years as a Software Developer and DevOps Engineer at Media-Saturn IT-Services Christopher joined BESK Group. In search of adventure, Christopher departed his home-country Germany and moved to Ecuador. Always hungry for the next challenge and willing to try almost anything, he's quickly adapted to the Ecuadorian life. With a degree in Science Business Information Systems, he is excited to bring his unique skill set to our Agile SW Development Team, as a Software Developer and Scrum Master. Besides from being passionate about work, he also loves hiking, if he is not making plans for his garden, you find him riding his bike around the city.
  • Péter Nadudvari

    Péter joined BESK's Developer team after years of experience in software development. He is motivated to develop innovative, scalable and sustainable personalized SWs with high quality and great user experience. If he is not busy at his computer he enjoys cooking with his family, as well as traveling in the world since he is interested in discovering cultures of different countries.
  • Jonas Blenk

    Jonas is in charge of keeping up the spirit of our development team. He earned his first degree at Ingolstadt THI. He is super excited to help in building tailor-made software for our customers and to make it awesomely bespoke! He is eager to innovate others and ensure the team can offer the best service to users. He is lucky enough to never have had a boss before as this is his first job. When he is not in front of a computer, he enjoys all things tech related. /But he's mostly in front of his computer.

Technical abilities


  • Rest
  • Tomcat
  • Multi-cluster
  • HTML
  • Kubernetes Docker
  • SQL


  • Lucene
  • XLST
  • Hibernate
  • Java
  • XML


  • AWS
  • HTTP
  • Hibernate
  • Vaadin
  • Spring

Methodology abilities

  • Scrum coach

  • Product owner

  • Agile coaching

  • Kanban

  • Scrum

  • Scrum master

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What clients say

  • BESK covers all the technological layers of software development: data management, business logic, API design and user interface development. Their ability to work and communicate clearly through the processes truly set them apart.

    Armin Keim - Product Owner/AUDI AG

  • BESK developed and delivered the Integration for the whole Audi Social Media Platform into the Identity and Accessmanagement processes at its finest

    Günter Rauter - Product Owner/AUDI AG

  • BESK/Sven helped us with their/his knowledge and enthusiasm to foster the agile principles, practices and mindset in our organization.

    Simon Mader, Product Owner Scrum Transition, MediaMarktSaturn IT Solutions


  • Agile
  • RCP eclipse
  • Spring
  • EJB 3
  • Spring batch
  • Hibernate
  • Scrum
  • Test driven

Giving back

Every year BESK Kft. makes a point to give back to the community.

In 2015 we donated and supported the local kindergarten: Schutzengel Kindergarten Hepberg.

BESK Kft. has enjoyed yet another successful year in 2016. Being that Christmas is always a perfect time for reflection and charity, once again BESK Kft. financially supported the Schutzengel Kindergarten in Hepberg. This donation was used for toys, assorted sports equipment, and a football goal. We truly believe that our success is the community's success and it's our pleasure to make these contributions.

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